Medication Management Service

At East Tennessee Discount Drugs we are dedicated to making your pharmacy visits as simple as possible. With our new appointment-based medication management model we hope to perfect the ease at which you can get all of your prescriptions. 

East Tennessee Discount Drugs is a MEDICARE 5-STAR RATED local neighborhood pharmacy. We are renowned for our personalized attention to each of our patient's medication profiles. We do this by synchronizing a patient's medications to be refilled on the same day each month. We perform targeted medication reviews which enable us to develop Care Plans for each of our patients. Afterwards, we set up an appointment to meet with them. We will even send a pharmacist in to the home if needed. This plan is then followed throughout the year as we maximize the patient's medicinal therapy. This appointment-based model is unique to our pharmacy and is the reason we are able to increase our patient's therapeutic outcomes, decrease the number of medications they take and improve compliance and adherence scores for the physicians that have referred them to us. 

Compliance bubble packed medication cards are also available for the patients that have dexterity or memory challenges. This is done at no extra charge for the patient and it even saves them money by decreasing the frequency of trips to the pharmacy. 

We also offer Transition -of-Care and Bedside Delivery Services for hospitals and other healthcare agencies as well as Chronic Care Medication Management Services for practitioners and Medication Therapy management Services for their patients. 

Last Updated: 12/26/2016